2st 5GCity Hackathon Lucca

<p><strong>5GCity Hackathon</strong>&nbsp;demonstrates, in operational conditions, a distributed cloud and radio platform for municipalities and infrastructure owners acting as 5G neutral hosts. The platform enables to turn a city-infrastructure into a distributed and multi-tenant edge infrastructure by relying on the 5GCity orchestration platform, based on OSM, to manage and orchestrate (NFV + MEC) end-to-end services and creating programmable and on demand network slices.</p> <p>We are looking for creative,&nbsp;<strong>interdisciplinary teams of 2-5 members</strong>&nbsp;that will be able to design, implement, pitch and demonstrate innovative NFV/5G service solutions based on 5GCity platform.</p> <p>Minimal knowledge of 5G/NFV architecture and/or a specific Vertical sector application (<strong>Media,&nbsp;Health, City Services, Public Safety</strong>) as well as pitching/presentation skills are desired profiles of the team members.</p> <p>Ideally, we would like to have teams just working on 5G, NFV, SDN solutions, from&nbsp;<strong>start-ups,&nbsp;</strong><strong>SMEs,&nbsp;</strong><strong>research institutes</strong>&nbsp;or&nbsp;<strong>universities</strong>.</p> <p>Participants must be 18+ years. All nationalities, ethnicities and genders are welcome to participate.</p>